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Don’t date someone you wouldn’t own a dog with

This is like really sound advice though

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di-incanto replied to your post “I’m still giggling at ‘are those boys on your wall?’ ”

He’s so cute.

I know. I love him.

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I’m still giggling at

'are those boys on your wall?' 

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the secret history meme:  [1] scene

↳ the bacchanal

“It was heart-shaking. Glorious. Torches, dizziness, singing. Wolves howling around us and a bull bellowing in the dark. The river ran white. It was like a film in fast motion, the moon waxing and waning, clouds rushing across the sky. Vines grew from the ground so fast they twined up the trees like snakes; seasons passing in the wink of an eye, entire years for all I know…”

  • Straight haired person:Just comb it!
  • Curly haired person:

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I’d do anything to be enough for you
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hi im here to ruin everything 

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Mortal Kombat - Portraits

Created by Vincent Vernacatola


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More Arts from this artist on this Tumblr HERE

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i hate when people think youre lying just because you laugh

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………..Kim K game getting a lil too real….. 

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trying to comfort someone like


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